Fire Simulators

Here at Kenex, we offer superior engineering solutions to fire behaviour demonstrations & training systems.

We have just designed and built the new Hot Villa for the BA Training Acedemy at Exeter Airport. This is a complex that can offer numerous different training simulations as well as having integral safety features with the instructors able to manage the conditions inside the complex.

We can also offer Attack, Demo and Window units as standard which can also be customised for individual training scenarios, we can also offer Ship and Mobile units by special design. We ustilise the latst 3D modelling software for consultation and design. With every design we carry out, will always come with our excellent back-up and support service.

But it’s not just Attack, Demo and Window units we do. We have also designed and built a vehicle canopy and Training Tower for USAR at Clyst St. George Headquaters!

Fire Behavior training engineered to a new level!

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